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Folding upholstered seat for telescopic and fixed platforms.

Model Curve is a developed seat for retractable platforms and is designed for theatres and cinemas, assembled in a row. Seat consists of a solid steel anchor and upholstered parts, such as backrest, armrest and seater. Steel parts are coated according to customer’s wish (the most common is powder coating in color offered on RAL color scale). Manual folding – when armrests are moved to vertical position, foot pedal is moved down which releases chair’s folding foot. Whole seat is folded down to the floor. Seat is folded by twisting springs and two plastic spikes attached to the legs of a seat. Upholstered parts of which bearing frame is made of plywood on which is foam rubber and are covered with fabric or plush according to customer’s choice. Backrest and seat have a C shape. The seat number is screwed on bottom part of seat and on the side of a seat is screwed row number. Right seating position is guaranteed by the optimum ergonomic shape of a seat and backrest. Right aligned seat has height of 900 mm, in unfolded state it is 164 mm. Standard axle distance of a chair is 550 mm, depending on customer’s choice may be different.