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A fold-up metallic seat with a protective railing, suitable for grandstands with stages over 500 mm.

The fold of the seat is provided by a weight, which is part of the seat frame and it is located in a special plastic rocker inserted in a U-shaped metal sheet console. Two steel pins, welded to the tubular frame of the seat, rotate in the rocker.

Perforated metal sheet with the openings of ø 9mm. is the back and the sitting part of the seat. An aluminium number label is part of the back. Length of the seat is its great advantage, as the back of the seat is a shield protecting the back side from being kicked.

The seat can be anchored to the stage using three Zn ( A4 ) anchors. The anchors can be fixed on a common 800x400 beam, with each third seat anchored to the stage.