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Fixed grandstands

Fixed stadium grandstands are made of individual modules that are attached to each other by bolt connections. All joints are detachable, not welded and assembled on site, so they can be dismantled and used elsewhere. This way whole stadium can be constructed together along each line of the playing field to the required size and shape. The fixed grandstands are made of a steel support structure with roofing assembly. The roofing extends to the front edge of the first row of the grandstand so all spectators  are protected from rain and the sun. Color can be chosen by the customer. 

- 6-row

- 8-row

- 10-row

In 8 and 10-row grandstands roofing goes all the way to the back of the grandstand forming at the same time a rear facade of the grandstand. 

The space beneath the grandstand assembly is free without construction barriers so it can be used for all other necessary facilities such as food outlets, first aid stations, restroom, etc.